Monthly Archives: November 2010

The one where the Hazardiscs win 14-4

About 7 years ago, I was looking for some sort of team sport that The Spousal Unit and I could play together.  Something recreational that would force me outside to meet new people and get some exercise.  So we signed up for the local Durham Ultimate Club based on a recommendation from my coworker, who had […]

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The one where I review THEIT camera bag

After much thrashing and agonizing over which camera purse to get, I finally settled on THEIT bag.  Whoooooo!!!  :)  :) I found very little information on THEIT aside from the website and Facebook page, so hopefully this review will help other photographers who are conducting their own search. For now, THEIT has just the one style (aka ‘thebossi’) and […]

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The one where Braydon picks his nose and appears very pleased about it

I’m at that age in life where everyone around me is having babies.  Sue & Brad are no exception – actually, their wedding was the first wedding I “shot” about a year and a half ago!  [I use the term loosely as I was not the hired photographer – merely a guest with a camera and […]

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