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The one with the red bow

ON LIKE MEGATRON!!!! What does being “on like Megatron” have to do with this post?  Absolutely nothing!  But Nate (of Red Lotus Photography) used this phrase in a recent email conversation, and it was so full of awesome that I just had to try it out for myself. And now for a smooth segue from Megatron to a […]

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The one with the pizza pie in the sky

First, soak sundried tomatoes in hot water.  Bowl purchased from “that Japanese bowl store” in Pacific Mall (closed, sad panda).  Bowl typically used for noodles and comfort foods, not sundried tomatoes.Other ingredients.  What is that box of Kraft Dinner doing in there?  I don’t know.  My only excuse is that I had a craving for KD […]

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The one with the memories of Toronto

W was the maid of honor at Yanyan & Wilson’s wedding this past July.  We had been meaning to get together for a photoshoot around town, but never got around to it until she found out she was being transferred to Hong Kong for work.  She wanted to get some memories of her neighborhood before […]

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