The one with the smart flying bread

Lloyd gave this to Nikki for Christmas last year — a pretty good idea for a Christmas present if I do say so myself.  :)Nikki and Lloyd redeemed the gift certificate for a summer photoshoot at Kew Beach, a popular place for joggers and dog walkers.  Since the shoot took place at sunrise (!), the only crowds we had to deal with were the seagulls.  They were easily dealt with, thanks to Lloyd’s flailing bogey-man run.How did they have the energy to do this at 6:00 in the morning?!  Me, I was still stumbling around, barely coherent!I was so pleased when the geese obligingly swam back and forth in the background until I was finished shooting.In and around Leuty Lifeguard Station —We had time for a quick change of clothes.  Nikki can’t help but to be stunning no matter what she’s wearing, but Lloyd!  I was shocked at how well Lloyd cleaned up!  [We play on the same frisbee team, so I’ve only ever seen him in shorts and t-shirts.]Lloyd works in a field that requires a lot of brainpower.  Coupled with his ability to fly effortlessly — well, as effortlessly as his advanced years will allow him, HAH — through the air when catching frisbees, we naturally had to do some smart bread flying pictures as we walked past this truck.And then things took a turn for the silly…probably due to lack of sleep.  One of Lloyd’s friends called this the Canadian salute.  I agree!

Nikki & Lloyd — the sunrise shoot was a fabulous idea and I had a lot of fun!  The outfits you brought along were perfect, especially Nikki’s orange dress.  Thank you for the tasty brunch afterwards and hope you enjoy the photos for many years to come.  A few more in the gallery below.  :)

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