Monthly Archives: November 2011

The one with the (teaser!) serious face fail

Sarah & Paul attempt to make serious faces for me.  The attempts aren’t very successful.

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The one with the mysterious hearts

It’s Kensington Market, featuring Alyssa & Justin!!Kensington is such a vibrant and alive sort of neighborhood.  The locals there were so friendly that I wasn’t even sure I was still in Toronto.  Not only did people go out of their way to avoid getting into the pictures (and it was a busy day), but one lady went […]

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The one with the Californians

When I was in Grade 3, my parents contemplated moving to California. I don’t remember the reasons behind the potential move, but I do remember being very excited at the prospect of living there because it meant I would finally convince my parents to buy me a dog — actually two, both German Shepherds.  As […]

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