Monthly Archives: February 2012

The one with the shagging

Me <the photographer>:  How comfortable are the heels? Sarah <the soccer-playing bride>:  They’re not too bad.  I also have flip flops and running shoes as back-up — which do you think is better for back-up, the runners? Me:  As awesome as the runners would be, I think the flip flops might look a little more […]

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The one with the Cowboy Studio ball joint mod

I recently purchased the Cowboy Studio 24″ speedlite softbox from (I had tried buying it from last year, but for some inexplicable reason, the first shipment didn’t arrive and the second shipment contained organic baby food.  I kid you not.  The customer service was amazing, although it did require about half a dozen […]

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The one with the hats

My favourite part of this photo is Aleli’s dainty touch to her hat.

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