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The one with the fireworks

I’m slowly catching up on my personal photos, hoorah!  Chocolate-covered sesame seeds?  Yes, please!So we visited my side of the family last June/July (that is how far behind I am, yikes!).  Our second order of business (first being to secure the aforementioned chocolate-covered sesame seeds) was to look under my sister’s washing machine to see […]

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The one with Macaron Attempt #7

I finally decided that I might as well get a scale.  Yes, I did spend an extra $10 to get the “pretty” white scale vs the utilitarian stainless steel / black plastic one.  Yes, the Spousal Unit rolled his eyes at me. The batter was a little undermixed, but better than being overmixed, right?!  I […]

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The one with Macaron Attempt #6

So apparently, 4 drops of liquid blue food coloring = mint green! (Yes yes, I know you’re not supposed to use liquid food coloring for macarons…)I think the batter was mostly okay this time (slightly overmixed, but not enough – I think – to make a huge impact). This attempt was all about trying different […]

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