Monthly Archives: April 2012

The one with Macaron Attempt #8

I decided that something was fundamentally wrong with all my previous macaron-making attempts, so I tried yet another recipe for Attempt #8 (scaled to 100 g egg white). The batter was much more liquid-y than my previous attempts due to the significantly different ratio of egg white to almond flour and icing sugar.  A lot less almond […]

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The one with Dick Tracy

Red hot!Aleli and Mark make a dashing couple.  Not many people can pull off hats with such grace and style!Even though it was unseasonably warm for mid-February, it was still really cold.  Props to Aleli for being gutsy enough to wear a skirt…and mad respect that neither Aleli nor Mark complained of the cold!  I […]

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The one with the (teaser!) sheers

Sheer curtains are useful for blocking sunlight and for making neat lines in front of brides and grooms!

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