Monthly Archives: July 2012

The one with the (teaser!) ivy shadow wall

Jeanny, Sanghoon, my Spousal Unit and I all went to Queen’s!  :)  It’s a very pretty campus with old limestone buildings covered in ivy.

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The one with the fascination for each other

Badgley Mischkas in the jacuzzi and beef patties for breakfast!Jamie and Wayne are totally in sync with each other.  So much so that on the day of their wedding, they both finished getting dressed and descended the staircases at their respective home bases at the same time.  Proof:  the next two photos were taken within […]

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The one with the (teaser!) not rainy day

I emailed Grace and Henry in a panic on Wednesday because the weather forecast was calling for 25-35mm of rain today, the day of their engagement shoot.  While it wouldn’t normally be a huge deal — we would just reschedule — Grace and Henry had traveled from their respective homes in New York and Montreal […]

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