Monthly Archives: September 2013

The one with the fairly serious child

Isabelle kept a fairly serious demeanor during our photoshoot……except when Mom [who was standing next to the photographer] was dancing like nobody was watching!Enough with the smiling.  Back to the serious business of having one’s photo taken……and the relatively more interesting business of inspecting the palm of one’s hand.

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The one with the sleepyhead

Eoghan (pronounced “Owen”) slept through our entire photoshoot!  He even slept through his own crying! Also, Cecilia’s minty aqua greeny colored dress with the red belt is fantastical.

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The one with the different-sized hands

It comes as no surprise that Charlie’s hand is smaller than his parents’ hands.I was, however, a little surprised to learn that his mismatched shoes did not actually come mismatched like that.  Treena had two pairs of (matching) shoes and mismatched them on purpose.  Genius! Alas, I did not manage to eke a smile out of […]

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