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The one with the (teaser!) shadows

Playing with shadows in the bright sun… Playing with shadows in a dark gazebo…

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The one with all the spittle

What a model this little one is!No Hazukis were harmed in the making of this photo.In fact, a split second later, all hurts and tears were forgotten and Hazuki broke into a dimpled toothy grin.Look at the range and density of the spittle!  Impressive!Catbird custom name necklaceHazuki surrounded by smiles!

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The one with the fireman

We shot this session on the outskirts of the local dump!  I take my clients to classy locations, yeah!  :) It was actually pretty nice there, with the tall textured grasses.*giggle* [Neil is a fireman (30 years!), so it’s okay if he fireman-carries his wife, right?  Heheehee.]The Flint family is just too cool!

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