My name is Dawn.  I like eating chocolate, chicken and cheesecake.  And most other foods that start with “ch” like Chinese food.  I don’t like bugs, especially dead ones, ugh.  I like traveling.  I go to the gym because I can and should after eating all those “ch” foods.  I have a degree in piano performance, but I can barely tap out a simple scale now, 10+ years later.  Toilet paper should hang away from the wall – AWAY FROM THE WALL, PEOPLE.

Hobbies.  Wedding photography.  Ultimate frisbee, houseplants, ridiculous Christmas ornaments, various crafts that get started but never finished (scrapbooking, quilting, crocheting).  I used to play a gnome rogue in World of Warcraft where I /drooled & /shimmied my way to level 70.  I bring this up in an attempt to connect with gaming grooms who are being forced to visit this page (NERF PALLIES).  I retired my toon to plan my destination wedding in the Dominican Republic.  My wedding was awesome.

I like taking pictures, not being in them.  But if I have to be in a picture, I like to make faces.  If you hire me, you may be required to make faces too – don’t worry, I’ll make sure your faces look good!

Now for some pictures of me making faces:

Oh it burns!  (Photo credit:  The Spousal Unit)

My husband and I on our honeymoon in Croatia.  Croatia is fantabulous!  (Photo credit:  The Spousal Unit)

Ok, here’s a mostly normal photo of me.  (Photo credit:  Josh Brown)