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The one with the (teaser!) parkade

Much to the annoyance of my parents [Mom:  How come you only post one photo at a time on your blog?], I am posting one photo of my shoot with Cher & Jason. Cher & Jason rock.  Parkades also rock. Don’t worry, Mom, you rock too and I will post more photos soon!

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The one with the long awaited shoot

Lily:  We are not amused. Gabriel:  Mmmm, gummies. Lily:  This is slightly more amusing.Gabriel:  I’m moving faster than your camera can focus!  Hah, take that, Canon 5DII AF!!!RightLeftDownUp!Woooooooooo!Mom, dad and many mosquitoes.We scheduled this shoot almost a year in advance!The Chan Family!  Chaaaantastic!

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The one with the smart flying bread

Lloyd gave this to Nikki for Christmas last year — a pretty good idea for a Christmas present if I do say so myself.  :)Nikki and Lloyd redeemed the gift certificate for a summer photoshoot at Kew Beach, a popular place for joggers and dog walkers.  Since the shoot took place at sunrise (!), the only crowds […]

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