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The one with the Cowboy Studio ball joint mod

I recently purchased the Cowboy Studio 24″ speedlite softbox from (I had tried buying it from last year, but for some inexplicable reason, the first shipment didn’t arrive and the second shipment contained organic baby food.  I kid you not.  The customer service was amazing, although it did require about half a dozen […]

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The one where I review THEIT camera bag

After much thrashing and agonizing over which camera purse to get, I finally settled on THEIT bag.  Whoooooo!!!  :)  :) I found very little information on THEIT aside from the website and Facebook page, so hopefully this review will help other photographers who are conducting their own search. For now, THEIT has just the one style (aka ‘thebossi’) and […]

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The one where I thrash and agonize over camera purses

The typical camera bag is padded, sturdy, and has lots of miscellaneous straps flying around.  It is also rather ugly.  This is all fine and dandy when I’m shooting and need a functional bag to help me get the job done, but it’s not quite so desirable when I’m on a date with the Spousal Unit […]

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